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About us

Spanglish Interpreters is made up of a team of trained individuals that help assure effective communication between our clients and any provider.  Whether it be medical or legal, our team has specific knowledge of various terminology to ensure accuracy in all interpreting circumstances. 

Company Profile

Onsite interpretation is the most effective form of interpretation, due to the fact that it is conducted face-to-face.  Providing onsite medical and legal interpreters ensures that clients who do not speak the native language are receiving the same professional care and treatment available to native speakers.  Using a professional onsite medical or legal interpreter as opposed to a family member or bilingual staff, results in better and more accurate interpretation, which in turn makes the client more satisfied and the process simpler.

Having a professional onsite interpreter physically present allows individuals the advantage of not only hearing but seeing the interpreter and that makes for positive communication and an accurate interpretation. Allowing individuals as well as interpreters to be able to read the body language and facial expressions of one another can only ensure the process run smoothly. 

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