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Kima Logistics

We are a team of trained individuals that help assure effective communication between our clients and any provider.  Whether it be medical or legal, our team has specific knowledge of various terminology to ensure accuracy in all interpreting circumstances. 

Our Services

Our Services


On-Site Medical Interpretations

Medical onsite interpreting service scenarios run the full gamut of health care services including interpreting in emergency room scenarios, interpreting for pre and post-medical surgeries, interpreting for doctor appointment follow-ups, etc.

On-Site Legal Interpretations

Legal interpreting service scenarios can include attorney/client meetings, preliminary hearings, pre-trial discovery activities such as depositions, and the many activities that are part of our legal system.

Consecutive Interpretation

In this mode of interpreting, the source may speak a specific word or phrase and then pauses to allow the interpreter to render the message in the target language to the target person. Depending on the length of the message, the interpreter may take notes to ensure accuracy in conveying the message to the target.

Simultaneous Interpreting

This is the other mode of interpretation. In this type of interpreting, the source speaks continuously while the interpreter renders the message (almost in real time) to the target.


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